Audible Summary

If you're a major audiobook die-hard fan you'll love this site. Audible from Amazon has over 45,000 hrs of audiobook and other programs including radio shows, real newspapers content, lectures, fiction, storybooks, and lets you download them directly to your computer, portable music players like the iPod or mobile.

Audible offers a huge range of topics, authors, and titles. It is by far the largest collection under one website and the cost is much cheaper than buying the actual book. If you're looking to maximize your reading time you need to forget the books and hit this site which also offers audiobooks that you can burn into a CD.

Cheaper Better Downloads

Did you know that Audible fiction and nonfiction titles are around 35% cheaper? Plus you can download all these audiobooks instantly.

If you're going to be using Audible in the long run you're better off subscribing to their monthly membership. This gives you one audiobook download. 

Audio Book Credits

If you want to listen to more audiobooks you'll have to start buying them instead. Depending on the audiobook you like the cost will vary.

You'll have to pay for additional credits so when you pick your audiobook for the month make sure you'll enjoy it or you'll have to pay for extra credits.

Buy And Keep

Once you buy an audiobook, it's yours forever.

Software To Download?

Yes, you'll need to download and install the Audible Software on your PC or mobile. Ios users can use iTunes. This tool is cool you can also set it to download from any subscription like the New York Times and have it preload into your computer every time there's anything to listen to. So every morning just like how you get the newspaper, you'll get the paper on your computer ready to go with you to work.

The Verdict

* Great Savings 30% - 80%

* Over 40,000+ titles one of the largest ever on the internet

* Cancel anytime you like

In short, Audible is a place to try if you love your audiobooks and newspaper audiobooks. With over 1200 different newspapers to choose from.

If you're not convinced you can sign up for a trial plan which is 30 days for regular users with 1 audiobook free and 90 days for PRIME users with 3 audiobooks free.